Let us be your educating partner

Our team of event professionals have got you covered. Leave it to us to organize a full career day at your university, tailor a course for your students, or put together a memorable workshop for your company's employees.


For Universities


  • Guest Speakers

    Through our broad network of esteemed connections, we will invite the names spearheading the industry’s advancements to participate in panel discussions and Q&A's about hot topics in the music business.

  • Networking Carousel

    We can also set up a networking carousel, usually lasting 1 hour, where students get the chance to sign up for 10-minute time slots to meet with a guest or company representative of their choice. Here, students are encouraged to ask all their burning questions, and even exchange contact details during their 1-on-1 meeting.


  • Courses

    With years of educating experience in our back-pockets, you can trust us to tailor a course for your university. Putting theory to practice, we will cover all grounds about a field of your choosing, from Events Organization to Artist Management to Digital Marketing for Events, and much more.

  • Masterclasses

    Next Stage provides masterclasses about a range of relevant topics, given by sector professionals. We discuss interesting matters like dance history, marketing, budgeting, sustainability, amongst a list of others.

  • Field Trips

    Site visits play a big role in the acquaintance of students with the scene. Our program thus also includes field trips to venues, museums, and production sites, to give students a sense of their potential working environments.

  • Career Coaching

    We strive to facilitate young talents’ ways into the music industry, which is why we offer personalized career & entrepreneurship coaching for those who dream big. During two 45-minute sessions, we will delve into the student’s experience and career prospects, drawing out a realistic plan tailored to their goals.


For Companies


  • Workshops

    Have you ever thought of giving your employees a workshop to remember? Next Stage is an educational platform for all ages. We believe that the events industry plays a bigger role in our societies than expected, and we want to keep its personnel in the loop about its developments. Upon request, we tailor workshops for your employees, tackling topics from artist handling to budgeting, sustainability, marketing and much more for your company.

  • Field Trips

    Since most of the work is done on-site, location visits are crucial to get familiar with the events industry. Let us take you to the home-base of the Netherlands' biggest festivals, Mainstage located in Zaandam, for an immersive sneak peek into the world of events.

What is Your Next Stage?

Your Next Stage is a career day orchestrated by our team of student leaders, whose main goal is to bridge the gap between university students, young professionals and the music industry.

The main objective of this one-of-a-kind event is to provide attendees with an overview of the vast opportunities that lie within the music scene and expose them to trending topics in the music business while connecting them with its greatest minds.

Our first sold-out career day event was made possible through a collaboration with three driven University of Amsterdam students. Together, we hosted 34 industry leaders to partake in insightful panel discussions and a fruitful networking carousel. The overwhelmingly positive response our first edition received set solid grounds for an even bigger and better future.
What is Your Next Stage?

Panel Speakers Included:

  • Armada Music’s Head of A&R Jeroen ter Horst

  • Backstage Legal attorney Sander Petit

  • Idea LiveCom Alliance’s Founder Maarten Schram

  • Cejlon Studios PR Specialist Esmée Bosklopper

Discussion Topics Included:

  • Music Business & Culture

  • The Future of the Event Industry & Media Landscape

  • The Business Behind a Song


Rosalie Visser, Founder, Director

“Your Next Stage’s main mission is to showcase the different sectors of the music business to students of all study backgrounds. From Communication Science, to Law, to Data Science, and even Psychology, this industry fits all!”

Rosalie Visser, Founder, Director

Leila Hammoud, Co-founder, Social Media Manager

“What drove this project is what we wished we knew when we were starting in the music industry.”

Leila Hammoud, Co-founder, Social Media Manager

Víctor Merino Montes, Attendee

“If you are a student curious about the music industry, Your Next Stage is the perfect opportunity for introducing yourself to this world! The panels were interesting and entertaining, with plenty of useful knowledge provided by professionals in the field” ”

Víctor Merino Montes, Attendee

Ida Mul, Attendee

“As a foreign student with no contacts in this country, Your Next Stage helped me to connect with local music companies, and through their network, I got my current part-time job in the live music scene! I can’t stress enough how important Your Next Stage is for building a career in the music industry in the Netherlands.”

Ida Mul, Attendee