We hosted our second edition on October 5, 2023 at the University of Amsterdam (CREA Theater). 170+ students joined us for a day of panel discussions, a company market, a networking carousel, and drinks!

    Have you ever considered a career in the music industry? Or maybe attended a festival and want to know a bit more about how it’s organised? Then our event is just for you.

    Expect a day full of panels and discussions about the different aspects of the music and event industries. You will have a chance to hear about the most recent trends from the industry professionals and ask any relevant questions that might arise.


    The day will end with a networking carousel where attendees get a chance to have one-on-one conversations with top notch music industry professionals carefully selected by our editorial team. Each of you will have a 10 minute one-on-one session where you can ask any relevant questions about their job and which skills are in the most demand

    Also make use of the people around you at the event. Being a starter is always a challenging process and it’s best to surround yourself with likeminded people who also share the same passion for music as you do. After the event you will be added to Our Community where we will continue sharing Internship opportunities and try to help each other along the way


    The music industry has consistently demonstrated its ability to swiftly adapt to constantly emerging technological trends. Our event serves as your gateway to discovering the latest developments in this dynamic landscape and gaining insights into the proactive measures being implemented to remain at the forefront of the market.

    There have always been a lot of differences between theoretical knowledge that we get in university and the actual skills that we need to develop in order to land a job. With the help of our speakers you will be able to determine a pathway that will help you stand out among other job applicants.

Guest Speakers 2023:

Meet some of the remarkable experts who joined the conference

Anneke Stulp - FUGA

Bjorn Schipper - Plus One Legal

Carlos van Erven - Sony Music

Damian Kozak - Fangage

Deborah Durrfeld - Ma'aM Production House

Edo Van Dujin - FIERMAN Talent

Esmee Bosklopper - Cejlon Studio

Esther Sterling - Teats Event Center

Florence van Dijk - Drone Stories

Janis Mjartans - Fangage

Joey Lelieveld - Artist Coach

Joran van Pol - Dockyard / Mystic Garden

Pieter Lubberts - Backbone International

Pieter Wolter - The Music Recruiters & Thirty-Three Group

Stephanie McGuire - CTM Publishing

Thomas Kroenberg - THO
Guest Speakers 2023:


  • Can I join any panel or presentation late?

    You can certainly join and leave the program at any point throughout the day, however we kindly ask you to be quiet when moving between rooms. For any questions please ask the front desk, or the door person at either the Theater or Music Hall.

  • How do I book a spot with a professional on the Networking Carousel?

    You can register for the Networking Carousel at the front desk of CREA. Booking will be available after the first session of the day and open until 16:00 pending availability.

  • Can I book more than one spot at the Networking Carousel?

    Yes! Once we have offered everyone the chance to book in one time slot of the Networking Carousel, we will open the floor for more registrations throughout the day. We hope to give everyone the chance to meet at least one of our guest speakers one-on-one, however, please understand, due to the limited time slots available, everyone’s first preference may not be available. We thus recommend coming to the Carousel with 2-3 preferences for whom you’d like to speak with.

  • Can I switch rooms during the day?

    Of course! We have developed a program that aims to show many facets of the music industry. In doing so, we are offering two rooms of differing presentations and guest panelists, and encourage you to build your own program that best matches your interests. Whilst you certainly can stay in one room all day, you are more than welcome to switch rooms based on your personal preferences.

  • Can I record any presentations or questions?

    We kindly ask you to respect our strict no-recording policy for all guest speakers and presentations. Thank you.

  • Do I need to bring anything to the event?

    All we need is your ticket to check you in and receive a wristband. Besides this, it would be highly beneficial to come up with some questions prepared for our guests and a good understanding of our guest speakers.

  • Is there a full timetable for the event available?

    Yes, we have a full timetable posted below or pinned on our Instagram @yournextstage_event.

  • Is there a second chance to network with some professionals after the listed program?

    YES! Please join both the Your Next Stage Team and a host of our guests after the official program for drinks at the CREA Cafe.

  • How can I best prepare for the Your Next Stage?

    We highly encourage all participants to research both the companies and LinkedIn profiles of our guest speakers. No question is a dumb question, but a well-informed query will receive a more detailed and thus beneficial answer.