What is the Next Stage Community?

The Next Stage Community is a network of hundreds of students, freelancers and young professionals who share a passion for the events industry. Through our online and offline presence, our members are the first to get their hands on our exclusive networking events, masterclasses, site-visits, career and mentorship opportunities, and much more.
What is the Next Stage Community?

Why become a member?

Because it's all about what you know, and who you know.

As a member, you will become part of an ever-growing community of visionaries and skilled individuals who strive to evolve within the entertainment sector. In a dynamic and lively environment, we collaborate, converse, experience, and build on each other’s unique gifts to shape the future of events.
Why become a member?

Members get:

  • Weekly Updates

    Weekly newsletters with job vacancy round-ups, news updates, discussion boards and interesting content revolving around the event industry.

  • Early Access

    Early access to our networking events, site-visits, masterclasses, Q&A's, guest lectures and meet-and-greets with our partners.

  • Exclusive deals

    Discounts, giveaways, early bird enrollments and other exclusive deals with Next Stage and its partnering companies.

  • To Stay Connected

    To our online community through our WhatsApp and LinkedIn groups.