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    Learn from social media and marketing strategist Michiel Schoonhoven how to take control of your content distribution. Michiel worked in the marketing team behind Hardwell, Mike Williams and football player Wijnaldum. In 11 videos and a workbook, he will teach you how to utilize all your channels for maximum impact.

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    On completing this course, you will know all you need to know to take control of your content distribution. You will have a clear view of your media channels and how to utilize them effectively. You will be rewarded witha Certificate of Completion in Taking Control of Your Content Distribution.

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About Michiel Schoonhoven

Michiel Schoonhoven is founder of Next Level Impact (NXTLI), a content marketing agency based in Amsterdam. He worked with a broad variety of (inter-)national clients, like DJ Hardwell, Mike Williams, and Liverpool’s midfielder Wijnaldum, and is responsible for reaching millions of people globally every month.

Michiel played an important part in their marketing strategies by creating content with impact. He uses data and cutting edge technologies to increase fan base, fan engagement and profits.

He will teach you how to craft your narrative, and align all your social media channels for content with maximum impact.
About Michiel Schoonhoven

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Tom Snoijink, DJ/Producer

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