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Great that you’ve found us. If you’re looking for a career in events, network and learn more, you’ve come to the right place. We have all the tools you need.

We’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge and an extensive network of professionals and creators, who will help you reach your goals in this industry. We offer a vast range of both online and offline subjects which you can choose from. Curious what we can do for you?
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Events & Festival Organization Course

Starts Monday June 5
Four weeks €795,-

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Our Community

The Next Stage community is a network of hundreds of students, freelancers and young professionals who share a passion for the events industry. Together over the years we collected enough knowledge, experience and network, and now want to share it with you! Each one of our members is part of a larger mission and we believe that growing together would help each and everyone of them to get to where they want to be.

As a community member you will receive multiple of benefits such as; bi-weekly newsletters, vacancy round-ups, cool networking events, personal job-coaching sessions and much more.
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Our Community